CT60 Series, Intelligent Power Capacitors


CT60 Series, Intelligent Power Capacitors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Features

Integrated power capacitor intelligent control technology                                                   

Contactless photovoltaic trigger and composite

switching technology                                                                                                      

Constant voltage switching technology, real zero-crossing

Phase-splitting and mixed compensation technology

Automatic protection design                                                                            

Low power consumption design                                                                               

Integration design, highly compacted                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Compensation of reactive power,

improve power factor, reduce power dissipation


Technical Specifications


  Reference value

  Reference standards 

  JB/T 7113, GB/T 15576, GB/T1 7626.2, 4, 5

  Rated voltage

  220V~450V (50Hz)

  Custom design available

  Rated capacitance

  5~80kvar (±5, ±10%)

  Working ambient temperature


  Relative humidity

  +40℃,20% ~90%

  Power consumption


  Max switching operations

  20x104 times

  Attenuation of capacitance per time

  ≤1% per year

  Attenuation of capacitance per switching

  ≤0.1% per 104 times

  Maximum altitude without derating