Сильноточные конденсаторы 800VDC-6000VDC серии CT32


Metal case, Dry type, Filled with resin

Low ESL & ESR, Heavy RMS current capability

Self-healing property, Long life time, Large capacitance

Used in DC Link filter applications

Proven replacements for electrolytic capacitor banks



Traction, Industrial drives

Frequency converters for solar and wind power

High voltage inverters

DC power transmission


Технические характеристики:


  Reference value

  Reference standards 

  IEC61071, IEC61881-1

  Rated voltage


  Rated capacitance

  100μF-10000μF (±5, ±10%)

  Working & Storage temperature


  Test voltage between terminals

  1.5Un 10s(25℃±5℃)

  Test voltage terminals to case

  1.5Un+1000VAC 10s(50Hz,25℃±5℃)

  Dielectric dissipation factor

  ≤2x10-3 @100Hz,25℃±5℃

  Self inductance(ESL)


  Insulation Resistance

  C x Ris ≥5 000s (25℃,100VAC)

  Life expectancy

  100,000 小时 hours [Θmax(hotspot)≤+70℃]

  Failure rate

  100 FIT

  Maximum work altitude