Полиэстровые конденсаторы серии CT21



Metallized polyester film internal series connection

High stability of capacitance value

Plastic case, excellent flame-retardant (UL 94 V-0)

Epoxy resin sealing, lead-free tinned wire leads



For connection in series with the mains

Capacitive power supply applications

Energy meters


Технические характеристики:


  Reference value

  Reference standards 

  GB/T14472, IEC60384-14

  Climatic category


  Rated AC voltage

  275VAC, 305VAC, 330VAC  ( IEC 60384-14 )

  Rated capacitance

  0.001μF ~ 10μF 

  Capacitance tolerance


  Working temperature range

  -40℃~+105℃ (+85℃~+105℃ working

  voltage derating 1.25%Un per 1℃)

  Insulation Resistance

  ≥15 x 103MΩ Cn≤0.33μF ,
  Cn x Ri ≥5 000s Cn﹥0.33μF  (100V/1 min 20℃)

  Dissipation factor

  0.001μF≤Cn≤1.0μF 8x10-3 (1KHz,20℃),

  15x10-3 (10KHz,20℃)
  1.0μF<Cn 8x10-3 (1KHz,20℃)

  Test voltage between terminals

  4.3Un DC 2s according to IEC 60384-14

  Test voltage terminals to case

  2.0Un+1500VAC 10s (50Hz,25℃±5℃)