CBB Series, Motor & Lamp Capacitors


CBB Series Motor & Lamp Capacitors



Metallized polypropylene film, Non inductive

Low dissipation, high insulation resistance

Excellent self-healing property, reliable performance

High current handling capabilities, Strong over-carrying capacity



Start and run for fan, washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner

Electric water pumps

Power factor compensation for sodium, mercury, metal halide lamps


Technical Specifications



Reference value

 Reference standards 

 CBB60, CBB61,


 IEC60252, EN60252, GB/T 3667.1, UL810


 IEC61048, IEC61049, EN61048,

 EN61049, UL810

 Rated voltage 

 CBB60, CBB61,





 Rated capacitance

 CBB60 0.8μF~65μF, CBB61 0.5μF~30μF, CBB65 5μF~65μF ±5%

 CBB80 2μF~50μF ±5%

 Dielectric dissipation factor

 ≤2x10-3 (100Hz,20℃)

 Working temperature range

 CBB60, CBB61,





 Test voltage between terminals

 2.0Un 2s (50Hz 20±5°C)

 Test voltage terminals to case

 2100VAC 2s

 Rated frequency


 Max allowable voltage


 Max allowable current


 Class of safety protection

 CBB60, CBB61


 CBB65, CBB80