Интеллектуальные силовые конденсаторы серии CT60



Integrated power capacitor intelligent control technology                                                   

Contactless photovoltaic trigger and composite

switching technology                                                                                                      

Constant voltage switching technology, real zero-crossing

Phase-splitting and mixed compensation technology

Automatic protection design                                                                            

Low power consumption design                                                                               

Integration design, highly compacted                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Compensation of reactive power,

improve power factor, reduce power dissipation


Технические спецификации:


  Reference value

  Reference standards 

  JB/T 7113, GB/T 15576, GB/T1 7626.2, 4, 5

  Rated voltage

  220V~450V (50Hz)

  Custom design available

  Rated capacitance

  5~80kvar (±5, ±10%)

  Working ambient temperature


  Relative humidity

  +40℃,20% ~90%

  Power consumption


  Max switching operations

  20x104 times

  Attenuation of capacitance per time

  ≤1% per year

  Attenuation of capacitance per switching

  ≤0.1% per 104 times

  Maximum altitude without derating